LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - Dozier is an excellent commissioner


Perry Dozier is a viable resource in the continuing progress of the growth of Walla Walla County. He was born and raised in this community and has played an active role in the preservation of hometown values.

I support Perry for re-election as county commissioner based on his character of ethics and high morals. My family has known Perry and his family since the 1960s and throughout this period of time he has taken pride in our community by working long and hard for what is best for the people.

Perry and his wife support education, public and private, by their countless hours of volunteering in extra curricular activities. He practices giving back to the community by supporting the arts, academics or athletics.

Perry is involved with communicating with schools to help seek future employment for students. Students are an important investment of our communities as Perry has involved himself and his family in different capacities of education through extended learning.

Perry has volunteered for everything from youth soccer to youth football, has served on many different committees and boards that have helped the living standards of Walla Walla and surrounding communities.

He has taken interest in the county fair and different components by supporting youths in the livestock shows. Perry has demonstrated to be a positive member of a team in his current commissioner's seat and is focused on the needs of the community.

Please join me in voting for Perry Dozier, a hard working honest man, so he can continue making positive changes to our community.

Charlene Maib

Walla Walla


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