LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - Fiscal responsibility should be exercised


There are many things a community should do for itself and those residing in it. Schools, fire and police department buildings and equipment, parks and aquatic centers are all either desired or necessary elements of a well-rounded city.

Fiscal responsibility is also a necessary factor and likely the most critical. Balancing a community's wants against its needs sometimes brings community leaders, and even voters, to compromise fiscal responsibility. When that happens, hardship is brought upon the property owners, the taxpayers.

Bob and I do not mind paying our taxes, as that is how our country, state, county and city are able to provide for the amenities we enjoy. We do, however, prefer that our governments exercise similar fiscal restraint as we use in our personal finances.

We do not make one purchase after another, just because we have the credit to do so. If we must buy using credit, we pay that purchase off prior to making another purchase.

In the past few years we, as a community, have purchased a new fire station, a new police station, built and re-built schools, but we haven't finished paying for them. A new aquatic center would be wonderful, but can we please wait until we've paid for our other debts? Vote NO.

Mary Jamison

Walla Walla


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