Aviary repair money diverted to buy mower


WALLA WALLA - Facing uncertainty over the future of the Pioneer Park Aviary and the possible loss of $62,000 in FEMA funding, City Council approved using money dedicated for the aviary to buy a new tractor mower for Parks and Recreation.

City Council unanimously approved the move at their regular Wednesday meeting; all members were present.

Parks and Recreation Director Jim Dumont said the city was under a deadline to use the FEMA funds to repair aviary damage from the 2008 winter snow storms or lose the money.

The city petitioned FEMA to divert the money instead to purchase a new $62,000 tractor mower.

Dumont added that if the fate of the aviary is ever secured, the city will take $62,000 out of the department's mower replacement fund and use it to make repairs to the aviary.


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