LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - Dozier has right experience


As a third-generation resident of this county, a wife, mother and a real estate professional, it is important to me on a personal as well as a professional level we re-elect Perry Dozier as a county commissioner.

Perry's invaluable experience in the rural sectors of our county is essential in maintaining services that affect me personally such as land use, road maintenance and emergency services.

Perry is an individual with proven results in leadership positions. He has dedicated himself as a county commissioner in making responsible decisions about our quality of life and how we leave Walla Walla County for future generations. He also has a vast understanding of our current economic climate and recognizes the need to be fiscally conservative yet still provide essential services.

With Perry's extensive knowledge and experience as a business leader and financial manager, he has the skills needed for the job. I know he will continue to demonstrate the same care and concern when making decisions about the future well-being and financial state of our county.

Perry's continued involvement in community service, his strong moral and family values and his commitment to a fiscally sound county are what make him the logical choice as our county commissioner.

Please join me in re-electing Perry Dozer for county commissioner, District 2.

Miriam Grant



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