LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - Elect new, caring people


Why I'm voting for some and not for others is certainly what most all of us put many thoughtful hours into at every election. I struggled over this for many hours this time around and decided I should share some of it with readers.

We have a president who has lied, promised many changes and has accomplished little or nothing. He has associated himself, wife and children with criminals (some are in prison now), appointed a tax cheat to be treasury secretary, rammed a thing called Obamacare through and gave away billions of taxpayers' money to bail out insolvent companies and individuals. The list goes on and on. It's time for Obama to be fired!

A letter from county Sheriff's Deputy James R. Romine on July 17 points out some very important facts regarding a few who simply aren't team players and should resign immediately. It seems Brad Ansorge would rather cause trouble for our new sheriff (which thereby causes trouble for the entire department) and the attorney who should know to check out the proper procedures before sending letters out by a whiner or two. We don't need deputies (and other officers) who are not cooperating fully and whining like children.

I'm very happy to know Deputy Romine and strongly believe he is a positive role model for the Sheriff's Office and the county.

Most people who know me understand I don't believe elected officials should be arrogant, secretive or dictatorial. We all know this happens in Walla Walla city, county and certainly in Washington state and the nation. It's time to put an end to that behavior and we can start by electing new, caring people.

Listed here is my pick

Please join with me and elect Chris Blackman; mental health provider, social worker, special education teacher, mother, wife and completely committed to this community for three-plus decades. She has proven beyond a doubt to be a positive and tireless leader and works extremely hard in every task and challenge asked of her.

I have had the pleasure of knowing and serving as a volunteer with her on a community organization dedicated to kids. Elect Chris Blackman and you will find her to be extremely dedicated, reliable and accountable to the citizens of Walla Walla county full time. It's time for a change for the better!

Robert Phillips

College Place


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