LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - Encourage a private water park


I have read many letters concerning the collection of taxes for a new aquatic center and felt the need to point out a few things.

First, I'd like to say that I believe an aquatic center should have been built years ago. In towns the size of Walla Walla aquatic centers have proven to be very profitable.

However, I have a problem with allowing our elected officials to take more of our money to get into what should be a private business. Our city officials have already proven they cannot utilize our money effectively, just look at the state of our roads.

Although they collect more of our money than similar counties they tell us they need even more of our money to fix them. I worry that if they can't properly manage our money they collect to fix our roads how can we trust them to properly manage more of our money for an aquatic center.

I would like to know what they are doing with our money they already collect before I allow them to take more of our money.

It bothers me when I see them telling us they don't have enough of our money to fix the things they have purchased with our money. And then they give themselves raises.

Also, I would like to know if we allow them to take more of our money for an aquatic center what will they do when it becomes profitable? Will they give our money back to us or will they use it for something else?

If you haven't noticed I used "our money" rather frequently in this letter. That's because I want to stress that this is our money and our elected officials need to work better to manage it more effectively.

I think it would be better for them to encourage private industry to build a properly planned aquatic center with attractions that will make it profitable instead of competing with them by using our money to build one with attractions that are overpriced and not needed.

Robert Day

Walla Walla


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