LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - Grant County is good model for rural library


Having made use of the rural library in Grant County, I wonder why Walla Walla County Rural Library could not be run the same.

In Grant County you could sign up online to the rural library, order books or DVDs and they were sent to your address in a zippered bag as long as you lived more than five miles from a library.

When you were done reading or watching them you put them back into the bag and into your mailbox and they were returned to the rural library that sent them. There were many libraries that participated, Ephrata, Moses Lake, Wenatchee, etc.

Also, if you found they did not have a book you wanted to read all you had to do was request it and they would purchase it. All this at no charge!

They did not charge extra if a book had to come from a library that might not be closest to you as, I believe, Walla Walla Rural Library charges $3 to get a book from another library.

If Grant County can do this why doesn't Walla Walla County? You wouldn't need to build a new expensive library building to serve a very large portion of the population. Believe me, for us older citizens, Grant County Library was just wonderful. Maybe something to think about?

Bonnie Brickey



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