LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - Vote "yes' for fun


The arguments set forth in many of the anti-aquatic center letters that I've read seem contradictory. Writers demand that the center be self-sustaining while calling for the addition of a lap pool at the same time.

A glance around town at the BMI (Body Mass Index) of the local populace suggests that lap swimming appeals to precious few. Face it, there aren't many Michael Phelpses among us.

I'm 57 years old and, by virtually every measure, I'm in great shape. But I wouldn't pay to swim laps. In fact, you'ld have to pay me.

A wave pool on the other hand is a blast. With two boys, ages 14 and 16, I'm a veteran of the water park commutes to Pendleton and Clarkston. The kids and I love it plus it's a great opportunity to connect with other Walla Wallans who make up a significant percentage of the daily visitors in both cities.

The committee has done a great job in designing a facility that will appeal to the majority of residents. And, while the focus of the facility is on kids, there is nothing to preclude older adults from joining in the fun. Even though my AARP card is worn, I'm sure the lifeguards will be yelling at me to walk when I'm running to the slides.

It's no fun adding levy or bond payments to our property tax bills. But this levy pays for a tangible community asset and has a short-term (nine year) impact on us. I'm voting yes for the kids (me included).

Kip Kelly

Walla Walla


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