LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - Wolfram familiar with judge responsibilities


On Aug. 7 we will cast our votes to elect a new Walla Walla County Superior Court judge.

Our Superior Court judges in Washington state are elected on a nonpartisan basis for a four-year term. These courts have exclusive jurisdiction on felony matters, domestic relations and family matters to name a few. I cannot think of anybody more qualified to serve as Superior Court judge than Scott Wolfram.

I had the privilege to work for Scott for 10 years in his private practice. During that time he also took on the responsibility of Superior Court judge pro tem and Walla Walla County Superior Court commissioner.

The sun was barely rising on the West Coast and Scott was calling the East Coast on behalf of his clients, if necessary. With Scott's assistance, many personal injury clients regained their dignity and relief after months of tireless doctor visits, lackadaisical insurance companies and endless medical bills.

Scott was fair and patient with all clients, as well as the challenging individuals who would otherwise face the justice system alone. While Scott made these particular clients accountable for their actions, they would also leave with acceptance of the unpleasant results for their poor choices - and left with respect for Scott, as well. When my own patience would wane with the challenging clients, Scott would remind me that everyone had the right to fair representation.

On the joyful side, I witnessed the gratitude from families uniting with a child, as Scott assisted with the challenges of legal adoption. Scott indeed understands the importance of family, as he has a large and close family of his own.

Since 2003, Scott has served the role of Superior Court commissioner and already performing some of the duties of the Walla Walla County Superior Court judges. He has also acted as pro tem on behalf of the judges during absences. Unlike other court commissioners who might fill in a need; it is Scott, and only Scott, who has a responsibility of weekly dockets and must appear at the courthouse daily to sign ex parte orders in family matters.

Therefore, it makes perfect sense to elect a candidate to the bench who is qualified and already familiar with the serious responsibilities of a judge - and that candidate would be Scott Wolfram.

Catie McIntyre Walker

Walla Walla


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