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Walla Wallas of the world should unite: There appears to be just one other town in the world with which our names are the same: Walla Walla, Australia. Maybe they'd like to be a sister city.

While the name of the tribe, town, valley and river here is derived from a Native American phrase meaning "many waters," Wikipedia says Australia's town moniker comes from the aboriginal term for "many rocks."

The Walla Walla Union-Bulletin weighed in on the meaning of "Walla Walla" on July 9, 1939, and what the town's nickname is.

Friend and fellow Walla Wallan Joe Drazan found the newspaper article while perusing old copies of the paper for interesting photos, ads and stories.

The postmaster at the time, George B. Day, felt there was a need to define what the name means. The Chamber of Commerce, Mayor Val Jensen and the U-B were also queried as to its meaning.

Many defined it as "many waters." The U-B, responding to the city's "nickname," said it was "the Garden City;" the chamber said it's "the city they liked so well they named it twice;" and the mayor said its nickname is "two Wallas."

They evidently didn't refer to it as "Wally World," as folks do now. How about "Walla Squared" and the rhyming "the town so nice they named it twice"?

Arrangements for a 10-year reunion are shaping up. Members of the Walla Walla High School Class of 2002 will convene for a couple of activities on Aug. 11.

A family friendly gathering will be in the Wa-Hi commons with a partially hosted taco truck. It begins at 11:30 a.m. There will not be alcohol at this event.

Later that evening, an adults-only shindig will begin at 7:30 at Mill Creek Brew Pub. The $5 fee will cover appetizers.

For more details, contact 509-540-7076 or

The U.S. Submarine Veterans of Central Washington will host their annual picnic from 10 a.m.-dark on Aug. 11 at a member's home near Ellensburg.

The organization will provide hot dogs, hamburgers, corn on the cob and soft drinks. Members will bring side dishes, salads and desserts.

Individuals who may be qualified to join are invited to participate, along with their families, said Gary Brown,, in a release.

Call Mark Briggs at 509-480 8245 for details.

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