LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - Come up with pool all can afford


In recent months there have been a lot of comments floating around for or against an aquatic center.

In some ways it would be very beneficial for the younger children to go and enjoy

We are asked to vote on a levy, taxing the taxpayers according to the value of their property. Everyone who uses the pool would pay to get into the facility with different amounts for children and adults. There has been nothing said, or a survey taken, that shows how many people who would use the facility are home owners in the city, compared to how many are renters.

Everyone, regardless whether they are property owners or renters have the right to vote. Naturally, the renters would vote "yes" for this because it would cost them only the fee to get into the facility. The property owners would be paying for the pool, and still paying the same fee to get in as everyone else. How can the City Council consider this to be fair and equitable?

I read Jim Abajian's letter and I, too, remember Graybeal's, the "Nat," Memorial, Pioneer Park and Jefferson Park pools. Some of these were free to get in, others were a minimal fee. The cost of the aquatic center is estimated to be $7.50 for adults and $5 for kids.

I also believe we need of somewhere for our children to go and have fun, but, depending on the entrance fee, how often will any typical child or adult be able to afford to go? Yes, you mentioned scholarships, but which children will be included in that?

I have heard from families in other cities that have the water parks, and they are wonderful and lots of fun, but, the average child/adult may be able to go only once or if lucky twice a month.

We need something for everyone to be able to go and really have fun without hurting them financially. We are homeowners and taxpayers who will have to pay per month for several years but still we will have to pay the same fee to get in. So, let us look at the whole picture and come up with something that average people living here in Walla Walla can afford.

Ione G. Talbott
Walla Walla


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