Wolfram will be independent and fair


his letter is in support of Scott Wolfram to be our new Superior Court judge. As retired Walla Walla Police chief, with over 42 years experience in law enforcement, I believe Scott Wolfram is the man for the job.

Judges are to be independent and fair to all parties and apply the law based on facts that are given. During the course of a trial or hearing a judge needs to be a person who can and will hold the representatives from each side accountable for their courtroom actions whether it is a civil or criminal case.

My law enforcement experience wants violators who have been proven guilty to go to jail and the key thrown away. However, the reality is we need a judge who will hold these violators accountable using compassion and an eye for the long term.

I believe Scott Wolfram meets this standard and more. I ask you to join me in voting for Scott Wolfram for Walla Walla County Superior Court judge.

Chuck Fulton

Walla Walla


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