LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - Third-party investigation needed


First of all, let me start by saying that I do not know either party in the recent shooting on Isaacs Avenue. I do not wish to condemn or convict anyone. All I have are questions:

1. Is it really "Stand Your Ground" if you leave a safe place (your residence) and put yourself in danger?

2. Exactly what is it in the store on Isaacs Avenue that is worth the life of another human being?

3. If an unarmed man makes a threat to another man (or his wife), who has a shotgun, how much of a threat is it really?

4. And if he makes that threat, and pays for it, doesn't the threat cease when he runs from the establishment?

5. When does "Stand Your Ground" become vigilantism? When you cross one lane? Two lanes? Three lanes? Four lanes and a median?

6. Under "Stand Your Ground," how many times are you allowed to fire at the back of a fleeing subject?

7. Why has Coroner Richard Greenwood chosen to provide the shooter with an excuse, an out, a rationale for his actions, when his job is to remain neutral until all the facts are known?

I have always supported our local law enforcement, and have the greatest admiration for those who would dedicate their lives to protect and defend the rest of us,

But I feel that this situation is one that demands a third party, someone who is removed from the local ties, someone who can do a completely open and transparent investigation.

After all, isn't that what the FBI or the Justice Department does?

Bruce McCutcheon

Walla Walla


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