LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - Wait for decision from justice system


As I read the letter by Kathleen Dauchy it brought up a few things I feel need to be addressed.

First, I'd like to say that my heart does go out to the mother of the man who was shot while committing a crime. No parent should outlive their child.

That being said, Kathleen states she is ashamed of the racism she has observed as if she is shocked. The truth is there has been and always will be racism.

This is because there are too many stupid people who seem to have a need to hate someone or have someone to blame for their failures.

However, racism does not end with ethnicity, people have shown racism against others because of what part of town or what street they live on.

In Walla Walla we have two gangs killing each other because they have different street names. I do have to say to those who see this as a problem with Hispanics committing crimes - take a tour of our prison, you will see that it is full of criminals of all ethnicities. I for one do not see Mr. Chavira as an Hispanic criminal, I see him as a criminal who happens to be Hispanic.

If someone breaks into your home does it matter what ethnicity he or she is? However, I do have to say that it seems racism only becomes an issue when a white person is involved.

Another thing Kathleen mentions is we need to see all the facts before rushing to judgement. However, she and the protesters have rushed to judge Mr. Saul as a murderer. It seems true justice is not a priority here. Kathleen mentions that it could have been anyone's child. I can say that I never worried about my children being shot while committing a crime. That's because I taught them to respect other's property and the law, and I showed them that there were consequences if they didn't.

I do have to ask those who are protesting,: What message are you sending to your children?

What would you do if someone broke into your home?

The fact is that Mr. Chavira committed a crime by breaking into another's property.

Whether that property owner committed a crime in the way he defended himself is for our justice system to decide. It would be best for all to hold our comments and protests until after that decision is made.

That's just my opinion.

Robert Day

Walla Walla


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