LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - So many questions on gas prices


Sunday's UB "Our Opinion" on high gasoline prices concludes with "we suspect that opportunity and greed is the cause of escalated pricing." This is referring to gas prices in the the Walla Walla Valley and the Northwest.

Pertaining to the persistently higher gas prices in the Valley, the real question is: What is inhibiting competition, rather than why are owners so greedy? In our economic system we should expect business people to take advantage of opportunities and to maximize profit. We should also expect competitive forces to act as a restraint on this "greed."

Our higher prices here present an opportunity for a competitor to enter and to make a higher profit than they would in other places. I would expect these competitive forces to be working similarly to the Tri-Cities and at least as well as Dayton. So my question is: Why aren't they?

Clarence Anderson
College Place


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