LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - Chris Blackman is best bang for your buck


I read with real interest the guest column written by Sheriff John Turner Although the article left me with more questions than I had previously, I was intrigued to learn the miscommunication between Sheriff Turner and the county commissioners.

It is without integrity for a county commissioner to serve as a liaison for a department, discuss ideas for securing sorely needed equipment for the deputies, take credit for appearing as if he is on their side, and then later conveniently fail to recall that conversation. It is even more dishonorable for this liaison to remain cowardly silent in an open and public county commissioners meeting as your fellow commissioners attack the sheriff for a budgetary practice that wasn't only legitimate but based on past practice - a practice approved and engaged in by other departments.

Then when this liaison is confronted with this Alzheimer's moment and given an opportunity to publicly set the record straight, this county commissioner refuses, giving the public the impression that it was all Sheriff Turner's fault. I am thankful that Sheriff Turner was given an opportunity and the space to present his side of what actually happened.

As for the county commissioner, I am once again disappointed with the lack of support, truthfulness and willingness to work together with all county officials. That's why I am supporting Chris Blackman for Walla Walla County commissioner, District 2.

Chris has a strong background in education and social service, and is the wife of a sheriff's deputy. She knows firsthand the importance of public safety as her husband dons that uniform each day, never losing sight of the sacrifice thousands of men and women and their families give to this county and nation.

Additionally, Chris has devoted much of her adult life to scholarly work, learning as much as she can about leadership and the principles of interpersonal communication. Applying those skills in a variety of settings both paid and volunteer, Chris has a reputation for innovative thinking, tackling tough issues, and getting things done while working collaboratively and positively with others.

Walla Walla County will always know what Chris is thinking. She knows how to make decisions and will move the county forward.

Being visibly active and involved, you can trust Chris will be present at committee meetings, and listening to what the people want. She is the best bang for our buck and exactly what our county needs.

Tom Jones

Walla Walla


tinstar 1 year, 8 months ago

Mr Jones, you have apparently not a clue about County Goverment. Mr Dozier has been doing a fine job, and will continue to do so. Chris Blackman doe's not have a clue. She thinks the same as Turner does. As long as there is money in the County Coffers lets spend it. This is not how it's done here. May be that was the way California did it. Look they are now bankrupt. Mr Turner thinks everyone should listen to him. He is not a real Sheriff. He has no arrest powers, since He is not certifed by the Wa. State Criminal Justice Commisson. He has no experance in budgets. He expects the commisioneers to decide his budget, without real figures. Turner should have been held accountable for ignoring the 20,000 owed for jail medical cost. He went and spent the money for something else and then expected the tax payers to take care of his mistake. Chris Blackman has no expertise in budgets either. Apparently you don't know Ms Blackman as well as you think you do.


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