Golfers struggle to make par at Senior Invite

Golfers struggle to make par at the Walla Walla Country Club in a steady rain.



It was strokes and rainy streaks for Vashon Island golfer Larry Jay as water pops off his shot on the 14th green during a wet first day of play for the Seniors' Invitational Golf Tournament Thursday afternoon at the Walla Walla Country Club.

WALLA WALLA - Two players in a field of 130 matched par at the Walla Walla Country Club Thursday during the opening round of the 54th annual Senior Invitational golf tournament.

Michael Landry of Kent, Wash., and Skip Pierce of Boise shared a four-shot lead in the battle for the overall gross title heading into this morning's second round. Knotted in third place were a pair of Walla Wallans, Bill Fleenor and Ronnie Smith, along with Greg Kast of Bend, Ore., all in at 4-over 76.

The overall net lead after 18 holes belonged to Tom Beffa of Burien, Wash., who carded a 9-under-par 63 and was three shots in front of Lakewood, Wash., golfer Kenneth Haag and Randy Nordlof of Canby, Ore., who matched 66s and were on top in the second flight net standings. Beffa was eight shots out in front in the fourth net flight.

Landry and Pierce led the first gross division while the second-flight gross lead belonged to Nordlof, who shot a 6-over-par 78. Joe Tessier of Seattle, Rich Smith of Lakewood, Wash., and Walla Walla's Richard Backlund led the third gross division with scores of 88, with Walla Walla's Clint Bidwell a stroke back at 89. And in the fourth gross division, Beffa led with a 90.

Gregg Loney of Walla Walla was the first-flight net leader with a 69 and Tessier topped the third flight with a 70.

In women's senior play at Wine Valley, Karen Herness and Helen Beckel, both from Portland, held down the top two spots in both gross and net play.

Herness shot a 7-over-par 79 to lead the way in gross, followed by Beckel's 82. On the net side, Beckel held the lead with a 70 and Herness was alone in ssecond place with a 73.

In the second flight, Connie Fitchitt of Seattle led the gross division with a 96 and was on top in net with a 67.

The third and final round of the 54-hole men's tournament is slated for Saturday. The field of 40 women conclude their 36-hole tourney at Wine Valley today.

Senior Invitational

At WW Country Club

Thursday's Results

First Flight


72 - Michael Landry, Kent; Skip Pierce, Boise.

76 - Bill Fleenor, Walla Walla; Gret Kast, Bend, Ore.; Ronnie Smith, Walla Walla.

77 - Bill Ashley, Anacortes, Wash.; Bill Herron, Walla Walla; Gregg Loney, Walla Walla; Mark Parhaniemi, Snoqualmie, Wash.

79 - Harrison Jewell, Edmonds, Wash.; Howard Crosby, Walla Walla.

80 - Gary Holt, Spokane; Mike Shigley, Vashon, Wash.; Paul Maudslien, Seattl.

81 - Randy Jamison, Vancouver, Wash.

82 - Dave Uhlman, Yakima; Jack Hubbard, Gig Harbor, Wash.; Mike Maki, Vashon, Wash.; Ted Fluharty, Boise.

83 - Randy Dunn, Lakewood, Wash.; Robin Oury, Redmond, Wash.


69 - Gregg Loney, Walla Walla.

70 - Michael Landry, Kent, Wash.; Ronnie Smith, Walla Walla; Skip Pierce, Boise.

71 - Bill Fleenor, Walla Walla; Greg Kast, Bend, Ore.; Mark Parhaniemi, Snoqualmie, Wash.

73 - Harrison Jewell, Edmonds, Wash.; Howard Crosby, Walla Walla; Jack Hubbard, Gig Harbor, Wash.; Mike Maki, Vashon, Wash.; Paul Maudslien, Seattle; Ted Fluharty, Boise.

74 - Bill Ashley, Anacortes, Wash.; Dave Uhlman, Yakima; Randy Jamision, Vancouver, Wash.

75 - Barton Harvey, Walla Walla; Bill Herron, Walla Walla; Buck Nelson, Lakewood, Wash.; Gary Holt, Spokane; Randy Dunn, Lakewood, Wash.

Second Flight


78 - Randy Nordhof, Canby, Ore.

81 - Kenneth Haag, Lakewood, Wash.; Rick Keating, Seattle.

83 - Dave Bateman, Walla Walla; Dennis Hudson, Lakewood, Wash.; Steve Kimball, Walla Walla.

84 - Tom McQuary, Seattle.

85 - Dale Landon, Palm Desert, Calif.; Dan lathrop, Moraga, Calif.; Rick Doyle, Walla Walla.

86 - Dick Simon, Walla Walla; Jack Burns, Lakewood, Wash.

88 - Dick Curtis, Boise; Don Rhodes, Olympia; Joohn de Groen, Vashon, Wash.

89 - David Jack, Vashon, Wash.


66 - Kenneth Haag, Lakewood, Wash.; Randy Nordlof, Canby, Ore.

68 - Rick Keating, Seattle.

69 - Tom McQuary, Seattle.

70 - Dave Bateman, Walla Walla.

72 - Dennis Hudson, Lakewood, Wash.; Rick Doyle, Walla Walla; Steve Kimball, Walla Walla.

73 - Dick Simon, Walla Walla; Don Rhodes, Olympia; Jack Burns, Lakewood, Wash.; John de Groen, Vashon, Wash.

74 - Dale Landon, Palm Desert, Calif.; Dan Lathrop, Moraga, Calif.

75 - Dan Grimshaw, Lakewood, Wash.

Third Flight


88 - Joe Tessier, Seattle; Rich Smith, Lakewood, Wash.; Richard Backlund, Walla Walla.

89 - Clint Bidwell, Walla Walla.

90 - Phil Stalcup, Bellevue.

91 - Craig Fenwick, Boise; Gary Bergevin, Walla Walla; Gary Maestretti, Walla Walla; Larry O'Neil, Tacoma; Paul Swortz, Lakewood, Wash.

92 - Randall Burke, Bellevue.

93 - Bob Tracy, Anacortes, Wash.; Gilbert Le Vander, Buckley, Wash.

94 - Neil Jungeman, Vashon, Wash.


70 - Joe Tessier, Seattle.

72 - Rich Smith, Lakewood, Wash.; Richard Backlund, Walla Walla.

73 - Clint Bidwell, Walla Walla; Gary Bergevin, Walla Walla; Gary Maestretti, Walla Walla; Paul Swortz, Lakewood; Phil Stalcup, Bellevue.

74 - Gilbert Le Vander, Buckley, Wash.; Larry O'Neil, Tacoma.

75 - Craig Fenwick, Boise.

Fourth Flight


90 - Tom Beffa, Burien, Wash.

93 - Alan Mendel, Seattle.

94 - Dennis Lewis, Lakewood, Wash.

96 - John McKern, Walla Walla.

98 - Denny Wohlford, Tacoma; Robert Adams, Walla Walla.

99 - Bill Brownfield, Walla Walla; Doug Minto, Seattle.

102 - John Olson, Vashon, Wash.; Rome Sikora, Normandy Park, Wash.

103 - Cliff Lindgren, Vashon, Wash.; Fred Sargent, Kent, Wash.; Jerry Lisac, West Linn, Ore.; Mike Begley, Mount Vernon, Wash.

104 - Ron Seifert, Walla Walla.


63 - Tom Beffa, Burien, Wash.

71 - Alan Mendel, Seattle.

72 - Jack McKern, Walla Walla

73 - Dennis Lewis, Lakewood, Wash.

75 - Denny Wohlford, Tacoma.

76 - Robert Adams, Walla Walla.

77 - Doug Minto, Seattle; Rome Sikora, Normandy Park, Wash.

Women's Division

First Flight


79 - Karen Herness, Eastmoreland.

82 - Helen Beckel, Eastmoreland.

87 - Sue Chestnut, Walla Walla,

89 - Sue Johnson, Walla Walla

92 - Jan Harvey, Walla Walla.


70 - Helen Beckel, Eastmoreland.

73 - Karen Herness, Eastmoreland.

76 - Jan Johnson, Walla Walla.

77 - Sue Burke, Fairwood.

78 - Sandra Smith, Walla Walla; Sue Chestnut, Walla Walla.

Second Flight


96 - Carole Fitchitt, Meridian Valley.

99 - Gigi Jack, Vashon, Wash.

102 - Sharon Gohrick, Tacoma.

104 - Barbara Musser, Portland; Marjie Tessier, Seattle.


67 - Carole Fitchitt, Merdian Valley.

72 - Barbara Musser, Portland.

73 - Gigi Jack, Vashon, Wash.

75 - Charlene Bain, Vashon, Wash.; Marjie Tessier, Seattle; Sharon Gohrick, Tacoma.


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