LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - Clean up after yard sales


As a new resident of Walla Walla I have been pleasantly surprised by my yard sale shopping finds in the last two summers. This is the fourth state I have lived in and I can confidently declare that this is yard sale capital of the world!

This is great for bargain shoppers like me, but I have a one simple request. After your sale is over take all your signs down! These unsightly neon signs placed on telephone poles or taped on a cardboard box filled with rocks on the side of the road are frequently left for days or weeks. It is ugly and disrespectful to leave them behind.

I held a sale a few weeks ago and raised $1,000 for a good cause. I appreciate all who shopped and donated. After my sale was over I promptly sent my dear husband out to gather all our signs. I love a good yard sale, but even more I love a clean city.

Amanda Hammond

Walla Walla


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