LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - Jail inmates should get medical care


I read in the June 3 newspaper a letter to the editor titled "Inmates have basic human right." This letter was about inmates paying their own medical fees in the country jail, or not getting treatment.

This, in many ways, violates our civil rights. So according to Sheriff John Turner, it's completely logical to put more guns on the street ("even though the hands they are put in are trained professionals.") than to give health care to an American citizen who obviously has no money, and is still sitting incarcerated unable to pay bail.

So then it falls into the hands of our families, who in current times are slapped with their own burdens and are unable to financially support themselves let along us who are awaiting our fair trial. Are we not innocent until proven guilty?

Then why are our American rights being violated? Someone needs to stand up for the silent voices of the accused citizens incarcerated awaiting their day in court. Example: Last night I was working out doing push-ups, jumping jacks, basically a combination of exercises to improve myself. During this process I felt faint, dizzy, lightheaded. I then proceeded to lean on a privacy wall to catch my bearings. Before I could catch myself, I fell and crashed my ribs into the corner of the wall.

I am now in tremendous pain with what I am sure are broken ribs. Only in Walla Walla County am I - 24 hours later - still unseen by a medical professional. Does anyone else see this to be a complete disregard for my American civil rights?

Antonio Contreras

Walla Walla


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