Comp plan changes move ahead


— Four proposed amendments to the county’s Comprehensive Plan were moved ahead Monday.

County commissioners moved to concur with the recommendations of the county Planning Commission, which met June 6 to hear testimony on the requests. At least two more public hearings, one by the Planning Commission and another by county commissioners, will be held later this year on the proposed amendments placed on the 2012 docket.

Tom Glover, Walla Walla Joint Community Development Agency director, said final action on the four proposed amendments might be taken before the end of this year. However, he said, action will be continued into 2013 if analysis of population growth, buildable space and employment figures are not finished in time for the proposals that affect the Burbank and city of Walla Walla Urban Growth Areas.

County commissioners also moved to concur with the Planning Commission’s recommendation to not include three proposals on the final docket. Four other proposals were withdrawn by the applicants.

However, three amendments proposed by the city of College Place that were not moved on to the 2012 Final Docket will be held over and will be on the 2013 preliminary docket, said Deputy Prosecuting Attorney Jesse Nolte.

The applications approved for the final docket Monday were:

• Change zoning for 276 acres south of Old Milton Highway on both sides of Peppers Bridge Road from residential 10-acre minimum lot size to residential 5-acre lot. Submitted by Norm McKibben.

Application is for a change in land-use designation and zoning, but not for an amendment to any Urban Growth Area.

• Remove Unique Lands designation on 289 acres located between Sun Harbor Drive and Agate Drive in the Burbank area. Submitted by Michael Witherspoon. Application is not for an amendment to an Urban Growth Area.

• Change zoning for 7 acres at 219 E. Maple St. in Burbank from residential single family to commercial. Submitted by Darwin Odgaard and Lynne K. Hoffman.

Glover said the application does not affect the boundary of the Burbank Urban Growth Area, but does affect the amount of land use designated for the UGA by removing property allocated for residential use and replacing it with commercial land.

• Change zoning for 23.2 acres along Myra Road between Electric Avenue and Mill Creek from low density residential, R-96, to commercial. Submitted by Randal Grudzinski. As with the above application, the proposal does not affect the boundary of the city of Walla Walla UGA, but does affect the amount of land use designated for the Urban Growth Area.


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