SOUND MIND, SOUND BODY: Change can be healthy


Every day in our lives there are certain things that cause stress and tension, usually these "stressors" are surrounded by some type of change.

If everyone knew what tomorrow was going to bring, the world would be full of complacent people. And in some regards we are already there.

That being said, change is inevitable in a world in constant turmoil. Weather patterns change, human emotions change and so on. One thing in life we know is certain is nothing is certain, but is that a bad thing?

Someone once said to me that with every end there is undoubtedly a new beginning. To this I say "awesome!" It gives everyone a chance to make their stamp on society or work or even in the family tree.

Changes in life, love or health give new opportunities to everyone who feels the patterns of life to be dull and monotonous. Shake it up a little bit.

Your workout program is becoming old; change it up and take a yoga class.

Daily patterns seem to be grinding you down, put the family in the car and go for a long country drive to see our beautiful country roads.

To those in the 30-year-old club who are feeling older and starting to get those nostalgic thoughts, go to a local youth center and find your youth again by helping youths.

When things in life seem blah, all you need is the motivation to change it. This doesn't always have to be some drastic overhaul of one's life; it can be as simple as changing the path of your daily walk.

As some may know, I work at a community/health facility that has many wonderful people who come through our doors. The variety of personalities and mixture of emotions that we run into on a daily basis can be exhausting and exhilarating all at the same time.

My change comes through the door every day. It makes me want to be there for those who may need my ear that day, or the child who needs a buddy or on some days a disciplinarian. Any way you look at it, my thoughts are, if you're not growing, you're dying.

The only way to grow is to embrace change and run with it. The status quo will run its course in anything you do and when that moment arises you will have to ask yourself: "Do I quit or adapt?"

Well I tried quitting once in my life and it didn't work for me. It led to some years of complacency. So now I adapt and roll with the punches and make my own mark. You can, too.

Nic Wiese is the YMCA's membership director.


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