LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - Constitution gives all right to defend home


After reading the letter sent in by Bruce McCutcheon I think I can help him limit the verbal abuse you have taken. He should try educating himself on our Constitution before citing it.

No where does it give anyone the right to break into another's property for any reason. However, if you read the Second Amendment you will see that it clearly states we have the right to arm ourselves so that we can protect ourselves. This means that if someone breaks into your property and you feel your life is threatened you have the right to use deadly force to protect yourself.

In the case he wrote about the only man who put himself in danger was the man who broke into the other's property. I cannot understand how he says the property owner put himself in danger by being in his property when the break-in occurred.

He also talks about our constitutional right to a jury of our peers, yet in his letter he seems to have put himself as judge and jury by referring to the property owner as a vigilante. By doing this he has violated his constitutional rights. All we know is that a man illegally broke into another man's property, this is a fact and undisputed. The owner, who was legally on his property and feeling his life was threatened, shot the intruder. The only thing in question is whether all shots were fired in defense. This will come out after the investigation is complete.

As a veteran I have educated myself on our Constitution and believe it gives all people the right to use deadly force to defend themselves when they feel their life is in danger and that all people have the right to be judged by a jury.

My hope is all parents raise their children to respect our Constitution and educate themselves on the articles within it. I hope they will teach them it is wrong to break into another's property regardless of what they plan on stealing, and I hope that they teach them they risk losing their lives if they do.

I worry about what message our children are learning when they see adults protesting in support of a criminal and judging a property owner before all facts are known. I worry they will grow up believing that it's OK to break into my home and force me to defend myself. I wonder if these people will be thinking about that if their home is broken in to.

Robert Day

Walla Walla


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