Not willing to pay for aquatic center


I appreciate the Walla Walla Water Works Committee for finding another way to spend my money! It's not enough that my real estate taxes are covering a massively useless airport, a Taj Mahal-syle fire station on Wilbur Avenue, the new police station and the never-ending greed of Walla Walla schools (they're after us again on Wa-Hi), but now I get to pay for a nonexistent pool!

Four 25-yard lanes for lap swimming, lessons and exercise times? Are these activities being held in the wave pool or the lazy river? Have the planners moved the slides so that they actually go into the water or are they still on the cement pad with water jet streams?

And, what about sustainability? The water park is banking on a five-month season, May through September. Well, we're into six weeks of that schedule and it hasn't been warm enough to open. If water parks and pools were sustainable, private operators would be lining up to open them.

Don't get me wrong, I'm all for a swimming pool, but I'm not willing to pay for an aquatic park.

Build a regulation-sized pool with a kiddies wading pool nearby, and let the kids entertain themselves! They seem to have a lot of fun at the Jefferson Park pool (which is closer than Milton-Freewater).

Tracy Killgrove
Walla Walla


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