LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - Constitution still remains strong


I would like to address the letter submitted by Robert Day in the June 17 U-B.

He stated he had educated himself on the Constitution, and I will give you some credit for taking the time to do that.

But I feel his education did not go far enough as his letter contained some inaccuracies. First, the Second Amendment is concerned with the right to bear arms, and is not used to define when deadly force can be used.

This is covered under what has become known as the "Castle Doctrine," and now under the term of "Stand Your Ground." It is based on English common law that considered a man's house as his castle and gives him the right to protect his home. This has been defined numerous times by the Supreme Court, and with the actions in Florida is under further review.

My original question, and subsequent statements, ask only: Can a man arm himself in his home and travel to the scene of the crime and then claim he was threatened and then use deadly force?

Even though the home and the "scene of the crime" are connected by a common wall and share a doorway? Or by arming himself before hand is a form of premeditation, and subsequent acts become another crime?

Questions that have been raised by others in our community, and I believe there are other questions that need to be asked. Just like, "What, if anything, in that shop was worth the life of another human being?" or "If the threat is running for the door, can you continue shooting?"

And my having an opinion different from yours, the shopkeeper or others is in no way an infringement on anyone's constitutional rights.

I'm sure, that as a veteran, he supports the statement: "I may not agree with what you have to say, but will fight for your right to say it!"

Our Constitution, like our Bible, are written for the sinner and the saved alike. Just as most veterans I know derived honor for representing everyone, not just those who agree with them.

I welcome an investigation. A completely open, an honest investigation. But, I feel that Coroner Richard Greenwood has fouled this investigation with his personal remarks, which is why I had originally asked for an outside agency but have been assured by Sheriff John Turner that his will be an honest investigation.

Anytime our Constitution comes under scrutiny, it becomes stronger. It has withstood the test many times and still represents the Greatest Show on Earth!

Bruce McCutcheon

Walla Walla


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