LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - Ranting about the rich is a scam


Democrat class warfare is becoming tiresome (Get corporations, super-wealthy off our backs, June 15). "They would happily gut Social Security and Medicare ... break unions and ensure wages stay depressed ... many of the wealthiest Americans don't do anything productive for the common good?"

Really? Such statements are phony scare tactics. Nobody wants to "gut Social Security and Medicare" or depress wages. Further, wealthy Americans are known to donate huge sums to various charitable causes.

Where have we heard the term "common good" often used? Oh yes, Karl Marx (1837): "History calls those men the greatest who have ennobled themselves by working for the common good." Or Hillary Clinton (2007): "We're going to take things away from you on behalf of the common good".

Well, Ayn Rand said it best: "America's abundance was not created by public sacrifices to ‘the common good,' but by the productive genius of free men who pursued their own personal interests and the making of their own private fortunes." That's called free enterprise and it worked to make America great.

She also wrote, "The common good of a collective - a race, a class, a state - was the claim and justification of every tyranny ever established over men."

Progressives shout "the rich must pay their fair share!"

A recent Baltimore Sun article reported, based upon IRS 2010 figures for American wage earners, that the top 1 percent pays 38 percent of all gross U.S. federal tax revenues; the top 5 percent pays 58.7 percent, while the bottom 50 percent only pays 2.7 percent! The bottom 48 percent of Americans pays no income tax whatsoever, while enjoying all the service benefits and entitlements paid by the top 52 percent!

So the wealthiest 1 percent - paying well over a third of all the income taxes - are not paying their "fair share?" Plus the corporate and other taxes they pay? Hey, the top 5 percent are the employers who provide jobs - not presidents and not Democratic politicians or activists.

Interestingly, if the top 1 percent donated 100 percent of their income to the IRS, it still would not make a dent in the economy or national debt. The only way to do that is stop unnecessary government spending, stop borrowing money (especially from China) and balance the budget. Tea party goals, by the way.

Ranting about the rich and public union losses (as recently seen in Wisconsin) is a scam to gain votes for Democrats in November.

I think Americans are wising up.

Steve Singleton

Walla Walla


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