Care provider charged with unprofessional conduct

Kim E. Funderburk calls the allegations 'ridiculous' and says she'll fight them.


WALLA WALLA -- A Walla Walla addiction and social worker professional has been charged with unprofessional conduct.

In February, the Washington state Department of Health charged Kim E. Funderburk with providing treatment below the standard and undermining the therapeutic relationships with patients which created a risk of harm.

According to the departments's statement of charges, in 2008 Funderburk allegedly treated multiple family members individually without signed consent, failed to get signed consent to release confidential information, including releasing the records of a 13-year-old to the child's mother, father, their attorneys and a court.

As well, Funderburk blurred her role as a family therapist by recommending to a court one parent over another for custody of the 13-year-old. The Department of Health said the therapist engaged in inappropriate hugging of the 13-year-old and allowed the child to sit on her lap. She also engaged in inappropriate email communication with the parents of the youngster.

Funderburk has 20 days to respond to the charges.

"The allegations are ridiculous, that's why I'm fighting it," she said Thursday. "I said 'I am not guilty. I've not done anything wrong.' Who doesn't treat multiple family members? -- it's called 'family counseling.' My feeling is, if I've done something so wrong why did (the Department of Health) not put any restrictions on my license four years ago?"

Funderburk said the allegations stem from an altercation with an agency where she worked at the time and that the family continued to work with her after the date of the allegations.


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