Walla Faces to draw for Frampton tickets


WALLA WALLA -- Walla Faces will provide opportunities to win tickets to the sold-out Peter Frampton Concert, said Rick Johnson of Walla Faces Arts & Entertainment in a news release.

The program is part of Walla Faces' give back to the community effort, Johnson said. Seventeen pairs of tickets will be given away at drawings held during March. Each drawing will be held on a local music night at Walla Faces tasting room.

At the end of each evening, the performing local band will draw that night's winner.

All participating guests at Walla Faces will have a chance to win Peter Frampton concert tickets.

The ticket giveaway program begins tonight at Walla Faces monthly Salsa night.

The Peter Frampton Concert in Walla Walla officially sold out Tuesday.

Concertgoers from Hawaii, Georgia, Texas, Illinois, Canada and elsewhere have purchased tickets for it, Johnson said.

The March 24 concert will feature Peter Frampton performing in Cordiner Hall on the Whitman College campus.

The attending 1,228 concert guests will have a rare opportunity to see Peter Frampton in an intimate setting, Johnson said.

The three-hour show features a complete performance of "Frampton Comes Alive!," one of the top-selling live records of all time, Johnson said.

Frampton will also perform other highlights from his catalog, including his Grammy Award-winning instrumental album, 2006's "Fingerprints."

Walla Faces Tasting Room is at 216 E. Main St.

The dates of the drawings and the bands appearing those nights are as follows:

Tonight Eddie Manzanares & Caf Blanco will peform. (two tickets, one pair).

Friday Personal Friends will peform. (two tickets, one pair).

Saturday Orange Fight will peform. (two tickets, one pair).

Sunday Gary Winston will peform. (two tickets, one pair).

Mar 9, Rubberneck will peform (two tickets, one pair).

Mar 10, Mike Wagoner will peform (two tickets, one pair).

March 11, Peter Crawford & Mike Wagoner will peform (two tickets, one pair).

March 16, Eddie Manzanares & Caf?© Blanco will peform. (four tickets, two pair)/

March 17, Personal Friends will peform (four tickets, two pair).

March 18, Debi Eng will perform (four tickets, two pair).

March 23, Roads Less Traveled will peform (eight tickets, four pair).

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