LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - Go to meetings in Weston


Citizens of Weston, the need to get involved with city government is urgent due to the recent events. A recall was rejected in 2011, a vacant City Council position was filled without interviews from the five applicants, then the city recorder/budget officer was terminated.

Citizens who regularly attend Council meetings and yearly budget review meetings can assure others there is concern for the city.

The city is clearly divided. With 10 months until a new election and three positions on the Council up for new terms, why the need to remove the city recorder? This appears to be such an irresponsible decision for the city of Weston.

We did have a budget officer who was responsible and has kept Weston in the black. Small communities are struggling with budgets, and Weston has historically been financially sound.

Weston citizens should not allow the open checkbook mentality without accountability or the city could be put in a position to make difficult decisions. Please go to a meeting and ask questions and make everyone accountable, as this is your city and your tax dollars.

Kendra Weber



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