Event adds up to understanding math


— The everyday use of math was the focus of an enrichment opportunity for Sharpstein Elementary students and families recently.

Dan Coffey, Title I specialist at Sharpstein, said the "Math with Meaning" event held the evening of Feb. 23 drew close to 80 students. The program was open to all students in kindergarten through fifth grades and their families.

During the evening, students got to visit four stations geared to represent math used every day.

At a banking station, students were given $20 in play money and were asked to work with an adult to figure out how many purchases they could make from items listed in store advertisements.

For an exercise on measuring and cooking, a student from the culinary arts program at Walla Walla Community College talked to the elementary students about math in the kitchen. For a hands-on project, the students got to use measuring spoons and cups to mix their own snack.

Art was included, with students coloring patterns for a Tessellation art project that will be up for sale in an upcoming art auction at the school.

And computers with an online math tutoring program were available for use to help children go over basic math skills. The free online program is also accessible from home.

Coffey said the Parent Involvement Night is part of the Title I federal program. One other Parent Involvement Night, held in the fall, focused on reading.

Coffey said part of the appeal of the math night was getting local adults to help out and represent their real-life careers using math.

"We brought in local adults that have a focus on math in their careers somehow and built activities to connect the students with those math activities and careers," Coffey said.


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