Letters To The Editor - CP schools bond is necessary investment


Do you want to have a say in how your tax dollars are spent? Currently, College Place residents are responsible for about 20 percent to 22 percent of funds needed for improvements at Walla Walla High School.

As a College Place voter, you do not have an opportunity to vote for or against any bond that Walla Walla School District establishes for Wa-Hi.

The upcoming College Place Public Schools bond is not only a worthy cause, it is a necessary investment for College Place.

The College Place Public Schools Bond will include a new building for Davis Elementary (which is on the verge of being condemned), remodeling Meadow Brook into a middle school for grades sixth through eighth and new buildings/remodeling Sager to accommodate students through high school.

This College Place Public Schools bond will cost College Place taxpayers less than the bond to build Meadow Brook over 10 years ago, and will give College Place taxpayers a voice in how their hard-earned tax dollars are spent.

Please join me in voting "yes" for the College Place Public Schools bond on April 17.

Lee Anne Beckel
College Place


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