LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - $50 for voting record search could have been better spent


I was not aware that anyone could request updated reports on the status of voter activity from the Auditor's Office prior to elections until reading the Feb. 24 article in the U-B regarding the actions of Walla Walla School District Superintendent Mick Miller.

Auditor Martin stated match back lists have been used for years. I presume securing this type data was not possible until after enacting our vote by mail system?

I am not an employee of the district, but if I were, I would be very concerned in knowing that Mr. Miller was monitoring whether I had voted or not in the most recent school levy election or any future elections.

His desired result of this election is obvious, understandable and known by staff. I doubt a last minute email was sent hoping they would vote no. It is also understandable why staff would support the levy.

Based on the numbers, it appears most staff received and understood the message.

He referred to himself as "Big Brother" but it seems an outed "Undercover Boss" may be more fitting. I see nothing wrong with any boss offering some voting encouragement to employees. Keeping a check list of who voted, whether public or not, seems inappropriate and in my opinion is suggestive intimidation and borders on mental harrassment.

Did he keep a separate list of those staff members who do not live in the district and are not eligible to vote?

With 800-plus staff members and their families, Mr. Miller commands a substantial voting block in the district which can and does have a significant impact on election results. I feel he should place more confidence and trust in their intelligence and commitment to do the right thing and take responsibility for their own voting practices.

Children may need to be constantly reminded, our educators should not. It will be interesting to hear what strategies Mr. Miller will be using in the future.

And, I do have a question. Who paid the 50 bucks? Mr. Miller or the taxpayer? Either way, it seems it could have been better spent.

Dell Fischer

Walla Walla


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