LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - Fake veterans are an insult to real veterans


I would like to respond to Mr. Conetto's and Mr. Sedam's letters to the editor. I believe Mr. Conetto was trying to help the general public to understand the Vietnam combat veterans' anger and frustration with these imposters.

When we returned from the jungles of Vietnam, we found a country and people who had turned their backs to us. We were not welcomed or wanted. Protesters greeted us with "we should have come home in a body bag," and "we have no right returning to this country."

We learned quickly to bury our ghosts and thoughts deep inside of ourselves and go forward with our lives. Now 40 years later this society is saying "welcome home and thank you for your service."

Where were you 40 years ago? I still feel like an outsider. I still have a tremendous amount of anger, resentment and frustration toward a generation that let us down.

Now there are these imposters claiming to be Vietnam veterans. Are these the same protesters who greeted me when I came home?

It is an insult of the worst kind to those who served and died there and to their families.

It is an insult to those who are living with the wounds and memories of that war. It is an insult to my very being.

This is what I believe Mr. Conetto was trying to say.

Tom Head

Walla Walla


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