Letter To The Editor - Have a say where money tax is spent


I will agree with an opinion that the College Place School District's website has neglected to relay the facts of the bond issue at hand.

As a property owner in College Place I don't want to see my taxes go up. However, we currently pay the Walla Walla School District about $700,000 to educate about 400 College Place students at Walla Walla High School.

This is a tax we currently pay, but yet have no say on how it is spent. That much money could cover the maintenance cost of a building we do not need to build, just remodel.

The College Place School District would only build a new Davis Elementary to replace the currently unsafe Davis Elementary and remodel the other two schools.

I want my two students who are in the College Place School District to have every opportunity to succeed. Attending a small high school with a lower teacher to student ratio is better for their education than to be sent to an over-populated school that is undersized.

Some of our senior citizens will have a reduced tax if they qualify.

This brings up another point. Regardless if the College Place bond passes or not, the Walla Walla School District is going to propose a bond at some point to improve Wa-Hi, and because we transport our high school students to Wa-Hi we will have to pay whatever they decide to charge us without any vote unless the College Place bond passes.

We, as property owners, regardless of whether your students go to Rogers, another private school or you don't even have students going to school in the district, will have to pay to send our students to Wa-Hi at whatever price that is charged.

This is money that is better served staying right here where we can see where our money is spent. Property assessments happen no matter what bond issues are proposed. Are our taxes going to go up one way or another?

Yes, I would like to vote and have a say on where our money goes.

I will be voting "yes" for the College Place School bond.

Keith Long
College Place


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