Pomeroy School District Board members are Paul Ruark, Lori Slaybaugh, Lori Flynn, Bart Gingerich and Ed Sullivan. With all present Wednesday the board:

  • LEASE: Approved lease of Community Center for weight class. Unanimous.

  • ASSESSMENTS: Approved interlocal agreement with Insight, an online learning company, for administration of state assessments. Unanimous.

  • ASB: Learned students have completed three days of testing. They are beginning to consider next year's schedule. Elections will be held the first week of April, and career day is March 30.

  • FACILITIES: Learned application for energy grant will be submitted Friday. If approved, the grant allows the district to use a second well for a ground source heat pump system. Cost savings is estimated to pay out in 14.3 years. Grants will be awarded in early April, giving the district time to look for alternatives, Superintendent Kim Spacek said following the meeting.

  • GOLF: Approved hiring a person to supervise some golf participants at the local golf course while the coach is at the course in Clarkston with other participants. District policy does not allow hiring of a second coach unless there are 21 participants. There are now 15 students, with three more possibly joining. The supervisor will be paid an hourly rate. Unanimous.

  • BUDGET: Learned the recommended projected enrollment figure for calculating the 2012-2013 budget is 275.5 full time equivalent students. Spacek said the district typically allows a 20-student pad to allow for possible enrollment decline. The current budget is based on 290 full time equivalent enrollment, but there has been a drop of 12 to 15 students this year, Spacek said.

  • GRADUATION: Learned that due to conflicts with district track and regional baseball competitions, graduation date was changed from May 19 to May 20 at 1 p.m. The decision was made after consulting with students and parents, Spacek said.


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