In the minutes - WESTON CITY COUNCIL


Members of the council are Bill Boyd, Lynn Delph, Julie Schuld, and Juan Avila. Mayor is Duane Thul. With all present Wednesday the council:

  • CONFERENCE: Learned the city's insurance will increase three percent overall, and the budget will need to be increased as a result of the raises.

  • LICENSES: Learned that about 15 free dog licenses have been given out during March. Licenses will not be given without proof of rabies vaccination.

  • LIBRARY: Learned the library will pay for a new computer with grant funds.

  • GRANT: Approved matching funds for Athena Weston Educational Resources grant for the police department. Unanimous.

  • PERSONNEL: Approved hiring Debi Russell as city recorder. Also approved a part-time temporary clerical position for City Hall, and table consideration of a 40-hour temporary hire, also for City Hall. Unanimous for all.

  • LIBRARY: Approve purchase of library computer using windmill funds.

  • PARKS: Approved removal of three dead trees in the city park that were poisoned. Also approved trimming an ailing maple tree with the hope that it will recover. Approved a $2,379 grant for the mini park. Unanimous for all.

  • RESIGNATION: Accepted the resignation of Amy from the Weston Historical Landmark Commission. Unanimous.

  • SPECIAL MEETING: Set March 26 as the date for a special meeting to appoint two persons to the budget committee. Applications are available at City Hall. Application deadline is 4 p.m. March 23. Unanimous.


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