Letters To The Editor - Treason over Dave's Flags flap, really?


I should know better than to bother reading any letter that begins, "I know this won't get printed."

Barbara Dickerson should read her own letters more carefully; she calls for charges of treason to be brought against the president because some outfit called Dave's Flags printed his face on the stars and stripes.

Treason is a charge reserved in the U.S. Constitution for giving aid and comfort to the enemy. This hardly rises to that standard and if any charge were to be brought it would be against Dave's Flags. There is no evidence nor even an indication the president approved or even knew about the design.

No, neither Hitler nor Stalin had flags made up with their faces imprinted. By the evidence in Ms. Dickerson's letter neither did Obama. Requiver your exclamation points folks.

Mark Raddatz
Walla Walla


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