LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - New Davis Elementary School is needed


When asked if I had anything to say about the bond regarding our College Place Public Schools, I didn't have to think twice. Although I am not always up to date on what is happening politically, I do take great care in learning what happens and what could effect my children and those in the community.

My son is a kindergartner at Davis Elementary School under the tutelage of Carla Houchin. He loves it. He loves the school, the kids, and parents who help out in his class (including me), the lunch ladies, the secretaries, the principal. You name it.

My youngest will start school there in another year and I am excited for the possibility of the bond being passed and a new school being built - one that my kids can stay in longer than three or four years, and then to move onto a high school in College Place itself.

We all know Davis is an older building, but that never stopped Principal Drabek in his enthusiasm for Davis Elementray last year as he was showing my kindergarten around the school. Everyone at the school is so positive and excited about where they work.

All the people I have met at Davis are excited about their school and this makes me excited for the possibility that we and the community can help give to our kids a brand new elementary and upgraded middle and high school. I hope people look seriously into passing this bond for our College Place community and mainly for our kids.

April Duffy

College Place


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