Letters To The Editor - Cellphone use at middle schools questioned


I wanted to share some disheartening information about our middle schools.

Students are showing pornography on their cellphones at middle schools!

I have five grandchildren who attend Walla Walla middle schools and sadly they have been subjected to this filth during class. The Walla Walla Public Schools online handbooks state: "Devices must not pose a threat to academic integrity or disrupt learning or the privacy of others."

Tell me, how is students showing other students pornography not imposing on their privacy or threaten their academic integrity? Furthermore, how is it that a teacher does not notice students using their phones?

I may be an old fuddy-duddy grandmother, but even my mature eyes notice when my grandchildren are texting under the table. And what do I do? Take the phone.

It's time the teachers and administrators start enforcing the rules or don't have them.

Olivia Lewis Wise
Walla Walla


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