Letters To The Editor - Make sure Weston moving in right direction


As the city of Weston starts the budget process for 2012-2013, citizens need to attend City Council meetings and budget workshops. There is a public website (state of Oregon Audits Division) that people can access and compare neighboring cities past budgets with that of the city of Weston.

One question we should all be asking is why a neighboring city that has a population over two times that of Weston had a police budget for 2009-2010 of $138,398 with two police officers and Weston's budget for the police department was $132,692 with one-and-one-half officers.

At the annual Weston Police Department report meeting Feb. 20 one would come away from this meeting thinking the Police Department is still wanting more money. At this meeting an incident was mentioned that was being investigated and the names of those involved were mentioned.

Is this professional behavior we want to expect from our Police Department? Why can't this annual report be presented at the monthly Council meeting? With more and more new faces at our Council meetings, citizens could ask questions and become more familiar with goals and expectations?

Money is tight for all small communities: now is the time to ask questions. Do we want a Police Department that patrols Highway 11 and the back roads of Weston with our tax dollars, or maybe we should be thinking about fixing streets with those dollars?

Our streets are in dire need of repair and could certainly use the extra dollars to achieve this goal. We as citizens need to unite and agree upon how our money is spent, not what fits some ones personal agenda.

So please, access the above mentioned website, come to a Council meeting and a budget workshop. There are currently three budget positions open, so now could be the time to make sure Weston is moving in the right direction.

Kendra Weber


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