In the minutes - WAITSBURG COUNCIL


Council member are Kevin House, Orville Branson, Marty Dunn, Karl Newell and Scott Nettles. Student representative is Fletcher Baker. Mayor is Walt Gobel. With all present Wednesday the council:

  • BIKE RACE: Passed resolution to support the Tour of Walla Walla bicycle race. Unanimous.

  • SEWER LOAN: Passed resolution to pay off a loan obtained to reline some sewer pipes. The resolution accelerates payment of the loan to save interest. Unanimous.

  • OVERAGE RATE: Discussed and decided to take action in April on a proposal to increase the charge for water overage. Presently the city charges 50 cents for every 100 cubic feet of water used above the base allotment of 800 cubic feet. Many customers regularly use more than 800 cubic feet per month.

  • PARK: Approved buying playground equipment but decided to delay installation of a basketball court. The playground equipment will be installed in Preston Park. Unanimous.

  • BALLOT ADVISORY: Discussed advisory question on the city election ballot for proposing a change in the date of the annual city election from April to August. The change would allow the city to turn the election over to the Walla Walla County Elections department.

  • BUNKHOUSE: Tabled discussion of cleanup of the bunkhouse sit until more proposals are submitted. The city-owned former apple warehouse collapsed this winter in high winds.


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