Letters To The Editor - New Davis School needs to be constructed


College Place has always been a community that values education, diversity and cares about its citizens. Besides dedicated parents, teachers and a supportive community, the students deserve clean and safe facilities to learn in.

The upcoming school bond to replace Davis Elementary and renovate Sager/Meadow Brook to house a middle school and high school is the perfect opportunity for College Place citizens to continue their support for the children and the future of the community.

I have been lucky enough to teach in the College Place Public Schools for 37 years. College Place is a fantastic community with dedicated families and students. Many of the students are third-, fourth- and fifth-generation student of College Place Public Schools. And it is my pleasure to currently be teaching children of my former students.

I have taught in the 1906 building, the 1930s section, a portable structure and I am currently teaching in the 1986 section of Davis Elementary School. It is time that a complete new Davis be constructed to fit all the current educational needs .

College Place students currently can only attend their local school K-eighth grade. Building a College Place high school would give College Place students the option to remain in the community for their entire K-12 school career, and it would be an option for other high school students from the Valley as well.

Let's provide a place where many more generations can enjoy a clean, healthy and modern learning environment. Vote yes for the College Place school bond on April 17.

Carla Houchin
Walla Walla


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