LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - College Place voters should make right choice


I am writing to urge support for the College Place Public Schools bond (full disclosure, my wife teaches at Davis and my nieces attend College Place Public Schools).

As a resident of Walla Walla, the College Place Schools bond is a win-win for me and my family. Should the bond pass, my wife (and the rest of the teachers and staff) will finally be able to teach in a facility designed for 21st century education.

Everyone acknowledges the district's desperate need for new and remodeled buildings, and the College Place School Board has put together a comprehensive, fiscally responsible plan that will serve children for generations to come.

After reading facts about the bond on the College Place Public Schools website I was amazed this bond is actually less expensive than its last bond to build Meadow Brook (which was paid off early). I applaud the respect the School Board has shown the College Place taxpayers in presenting a bond to meet its school district's immediate and future needs, and will build facilities reflecting the high-level of education and care the teachers and staff provide to the children of the College Place.

Should College Place voters fail to pass their school bond, while I will be saddened for the city and children of College Place and the employees of College Place Public Schools, I'll be pleased knowing my school district in Walla Walla will continue to reap the benefits of educating College Place students at our schools.

These benefits include cash from College Place taxpayers, the right to have a say in how those funds are used and the knowledge that when we seek to upgrade our high school College Place will be on the hook for a good chunk of the bill.

It's a win-win for me and many others I know: The bond passes and my wife and nieces will have a new, safe, clean school district; the bond fails and the school district I live within continues to receive College Place taxpayer money to use at our discretion.

Make the right choice, College Place. You're going to have to pay education costs either way - keep your hard earned money in your city. Vote yes for your College Place Schools bond.

Peter Thorson

Walla Walla


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