LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - Obama's face on flag is an outrage


I give kudos to Barbara Dickerson for expressing her outrage over the display of Obama's face on the American flag. Every American should be outraged!

The desecration of the flag in Florida is one more flagrant example of Obama worship. No doubt, the Democrats want to send a message.

The stars on our flag represent the states. Replacing the stars with Obama's arrogant visage may be a proclamation and celebration that he has taken over America. After all, Obama acts more like a dictator all the time.

There's no justification for desecrating our flag! It should be against the law, not allowed as "free speech." It shows total disrespect for this dear country and for the men and women who have fought to keep the Stars and Stripes flying high and proud! Once again, the Obama crew has slapped America's face.

Perhaps by the time my letter is printed, the flag in Florida will have been removed. It shouldn't have never been displayed in the first place! Whoever came up with the idea should be ashamed, as should anyone who allowed this travesty.

Obama should speak out against anything that demeans America, but, why should we expect that when Obama demeans America every chance he gets? Having his face on the flag is probably a big ego boost. Ashamed? No, I think he likes the attention.

Besides, as we hear all the time, Obama isn't responsible for things his supporters do. Really?

Just think back to when George Bush was running for re-election. What would have happened if Republicans had displayed an American flag with Bush's face on it? The outcry from Democrats would have been deafening, and Bush would have been called every nasty name conceivable. The demands that he take action would never end.

I hope people will make their voices heard. The fact is, when we look the other way while our country is demeaned and attacked, we give permission to those who want to tear America down. We enable them. We should be ashamed!

Roberta Bardsley

Walla Walla


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