Letters To The Editor - Sending CP kids to Wa-Hi a bargain


Be informed as you decide on the College Place school bond. The new school will cost a substantial amount of money and, added to what you are already paying, the figures are quite staggering.

A brochure was sent out quoting figures for houses valued at $100,000 and $150,000; however, according to a local real estate company, the average price of a house that sold last month in College Place was $204,000. A house with a taxable value of $199,800 currently is paying $450.93 for state school and $586.73 for College Place School District 250 General (which voters approved).

The new bond is proposed at $2.70 per $1,000 of assessed value. On the house used as an example above that would be $539.46 on top of the $450.93 and $586.73 for a total of $1,577.12 a year for schools.

You are making a commitment for 20 years if you approve this bond. The cost of the bond alone for 20 years is $10,789.20 if you have a house valued similar to the example of $199,000. Put that with the other taxes being paid out and it truly is staggering. It could be around $31,542.40. The argument for the bond is that it is cheap now. It doesn't sound cheap.

Our students each deserve a good academic education. Walla Walla High School scores very high in offering this according to the Frazier Institute. Ten is the best score and Wa-Hi is in that range.

It offers a wide range of courses, more than a small school in College Place could offer. Wa-Hi is only about five miles from College Place. When they were called regarding the effect of this bond on their school, they said it would affect them substantially. We currently are paying for less than 400 students to go to Wa-Hi at a cost of about $1,700 per student a year. The projected number of students in the coming years is less.

If the bond would pass, what will be the extra cost for teachers and maintenance? What would extracurricular activities including sports cost? Will we be asked to pass additional levies?

I think the amount we currently pay Wa-Hi for our students is a bargain compared to passing this bond.

John L. Waterbrook
College Place


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