Letters To The Editor - Take five minutes to vote


Calling all parents of College Place Schools students.

Do you love your kids? Would you do whatever possible to provide for and take care of them?

Is it important they grow up to be civic minded and proud of the community they live in? How about handling money wisely?

Then be sure to take a stand for your children and vote. Don't let the busyness of life steal an opportunity to provide what's best for your children. Your family has much to gain from the passage of the College Place Schools bond.

When that ballot comes, I intend to immediately open it, vote and send it back out. I refuse to let my ballot get buried in my mountains of mail.

As a mother of four, I am well acquainted with the College Place Schools and have seen firsthand the needs that grow every year concerning our facilities in the district. I am in love with our staff in all three schools and believe that they deserve upgraded facilities to serve my kids better.

I value the small class sizes and the intimacy that the small staff at the schools brings. Talk about support and friendliness!

These staff members care about my kids and show it by meeting their educational needs and tuning into their personality quirks.

Parents, your "yes" vote communicates more than love to your kids, it teaches them financial responsibility. There is no time like the present to stretch our dollar by capitalizing on low construction costs, accessing the matching funds from the state for Davis and the high school and keeping our money here at home instead of sending it away for someone else to manage.

We are also teaching our kids to be civically responsible. We have the privilege to vote in this country so exercise that right and show your kids that every voice counts. Your children are watching you closely -- your actions speak louder than words.

Choosing to invest in our children by investing in new facilities for their education and a continuity of education within a PK-12 unified district is the best way to let our pride shine for our kids and community.

How do you want your children to remember 2012? I want mine to see that I believe in them and their futures so much that I am willing to take five minutes to vote to build and remodel new schools for College Place.

Ginger Case


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