Letters To The Editor - Mistakes occur with red light cameras


In response to Mr. Valiante's letter of March 24, I used to agree with him that those who are photographed running red lights are obviously guilty and deserve a fine based on the picture alone.

However, I now agree with the U-B that no one should be presumed guilty, because I was the victim of a false charge in such a case.

A couple of years back I received a ticket in the mail claiming I committed a violation in the Tacoma area on a day when I was in Walla Walla. Going to the website to view the picture I saw the pickup truck in the photo was clearly a Dodge Ram and not my Ford F-150, although the license plate appeared to be mine.

Obviously there was no effort taken to match the vehicle to the registration before sending the bill. To defend my innocence I would have had to take off work and appear in court over there at great expense. If not, I faced a fine and a moving violation on my record.

I contacted the Walla Walla Police Department as it seemed to be a case of identity theft using a forged license plate. A very nice female police officer resolved the mistake with Pierce County on my behalf.

For all of the above reasons I would rather pay for more real police officers than give up my right to the presumption of innocence.

Barry Jenkins
Walla Walla


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