Business Monthly Bio: Chantelle Martuscelli-Guzman


Business: She and her husband Brandon Guzman are new owners of Cugini Italian Import Foods, 960 Wallula Ave., Walla Walla.

Hometown: She's a Walla Walla native.

Favorite memory: "The holidays when my family all comes together."

Favorite books: "I'm working on a cookbook. I don't read as much as I'd like; my husband reads a book about every two weeks. The one I'd like to read is 'Life' by Keith Richards."

Favorite performers: "Bob Dylan, I've seen him in concert. It was pretty neat."

Favorite movies: "I really like the older movies -- there are so many to choose from. I guess I'd pick 'The Lost Boys,' from the '80s."

Favorite TV shows: She likes the cooking show, "The Chew." "I don't really watch TV, I usually just watch the news in the morning."

Favorite hobbies: "I love to cook. I also like to be outside. We go to Rooks Park quite often. We also like to walk downtown. We love to go for walks with the kids."

Favorite food: "Thai food. It's one of the favorite things I like to cook. Also my family's eggplant parmesan, is my favorite dish."

Worst job: She learns from every experience, from working in a fruit stand to working as a dishwasher in various restaurants. Those experiences helped her get to the point where she now owns her own business.

Dream vacation: "I'd like to take my family to Italy."

Alternate dream career: "I've always wanted to be a high school art teacher." She and her husband both create paintings.

Person she'd most like to talk with: "I'd love to sit down with my great-grandmother. I remember my great-grandpa, but I never knew my great-grandmother. I'd like to know her mindset."


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