Letters To The Editor - Write in Antone Minthorn for Oregon's state Senate


Nearly 10,000 registered Umatilla County Democrats will receive their ballots in the mail. There will be no names listed on their ballots for state senator, District 29.

This would mean our state Senate representation will be decided by the registered Republicans of the district during the primary election on May 15 with no opportunity to have a voice from outside their party (independents and Democrats), and no opportunity for a real discussion of alternate platforms or the many issues and challenges facing Umatilla County and the District.

Believing all registered voters should have a voice in selecting their representation, I encourage all Democrats to support the write-in campaign for Antone Minthorn to represent us as our senatorial candidate for the November election. When you receive your ballot, simply write in his name for state Senate.

Antone, a veteran of the Marine Corps, has been an integral part of the economic development on the Umatilla Reservation, and has served as the chairman of the Board of Trustees and General Council of the Confederated Tribes.

The Confederated Tribes have not just focused on economic development for the tribes -- all citizens of our county are sharing in the economic development and job opportunities they have created.

Antone also has a long history of collaboration with our local, state and federal officials.

The philosophy of collaboration and negotiation in problem solving has won the tribes respect, not only in business enterprises, but also in the safeguarding and restoring our environment.

This philosophy would be very helpful in respecting Oregon's political history while planning for its future.

Give everyone a voice in the election - write in Antone Minthorn for state Senate in District 29!

Bruce Campbell



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