Judge rejects release of sex predator


WALLA WALLA — A Superior Court judge has determined a sexually violent predator with a criminal history from Walla Walla County cannot be released from lockup at the Special Commitment Center at McNeil Island.

Calvin Mines, 59, has been detained since March 2006 under a civil commitment petition filed by the state Attorney General’s Office and a subsequent jury verdict. He will remain locked up as the result of Thursday afternoon’s ruling by Judge John Lohrmann following a trial that began that morning.

Mines recently was diagnosed by his doctor with “probable pancreatic cancer” with “a year or less to live,” according to court documents. Therefore, through his attorney, Robin L. Olson, he petitioned Lohrmann to release him unconditionally, claiming his physical illness has changed him to the point he no longer meets the criteria of a sex predator.

Lohrmann denied that request.

The state Department of Social and Health Services determined such a release would be in Mines’ best interest.

Jonathan Allison, a psychologist at the commitment center, testified Thursday morning he doesn’t believe Mines meets the criteria any longer because of his advancing age and the fact that his medical condition has deteriorated.

However, psychologist Harry Goldberg of Los Angeles — who was called to the witness stand by Assistant AG Malcolm Ross — testified Mines still has the physical ability to commit sex crimes and is likely to commit another such violent offense if unconditionally released.

Ross doesn’t dispute that Mines is terminally ill. But he told Lohrmann that Mines’ condition has not yet reached the point of immobility and he is “able to do most everything he could do two years ago.”

Mines reportedly has lost more than 30 pounds since December. He walked into the hearing with halting steps and sat through much of the morning session with his head down and eyes closed.

Mines — who last was convicted of two counts of third-degree assault in Spokane County — was released from prison in March 2006 and has been civilly detained since then.

A jury determined in early 2010 he met the definition of a sex predator in that he suffered from a mental abnormality or personality disorder making him likely to reoffend. He was arrested, charged and convicted of numerous crimes between 1965 and 2002.

In Walla Walla County on Nov. 17, 1969, Mines armed himself with a hunting knife and assaulted a 16-year-old girl while intending to rape her. He was convicted Feb. 5, 1970, of first-degree assault in the case.

In the 1990s, Mines was convicted in Island County of unlawful imprisonment and third-degree rape, and of unlawful imprisonment in Spokane County. He has also committed infractions for assault and sexual assault while incarcerated.

Mines began offending as early as age 16, had a deeply ingrained pattern of sexually deviant behavior and was rarely free more than 18 months before committing another sexual or violent crime, according to the AG’s office.

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