Letters To The Editor - Free speech should be enjoyed by all


I like to read the Our Readers' Opinions section of the U-B. It's a great place for citizens to exercise their First Amendment right of free speech.

Evidently Pamela K. Elliot doesn't share my views on free speech, given her great pride in having started an online petition to have Rush Limbaugh removed from KUJ. She claims he is an ignorant, mean- spirited, hate-mongering shock jock.

The first thing that came to mind was she has a right to her opinion and to voice it. Secondly, she has, no doubt, never listened to Mr. Limbaugh's show, and like too many others, bases her opinions solely on sound bites from the media.

I heard Rush's statements in context, on his show, and I do think in this case they were over the top, even for him. However, they do not come close to things said by those on the left about say, Sarah Palin or Michelle Bachman.

I'm not defending Rush Limbaugh. He can handle that himself. What has me fit to be tied is having one American citizen exercising her First Amendment rights to try to squelch the First Amendment rights of another American citizen. Whether I listen to Rush Limbaugh or not or whether I agree or disagree with anything he or anyone else in the world says about anything, doesn't matter.

Free speech, freedom of religion and a free press are essential to the well being of this republic and I will defend these rights until my very last breath. With that in mind, I'm not worried about KUJ doing the right thing. But I do want to say that I encourage it to keep the Limbaugh show on the air, and I encourage Ms. Elliot to exercise her right to change the station, or turn off the radio from 9 a.m. until noon Monday through Friday.

That said, I would really enjoy a round of golf with Rush.

Dan Glaspell

Walla Walla


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